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Commercial & Domestic electrical services we can help you with include:

foto01Emergency electrical repairs

All emergency electrical repairs from diagnostics to faulty wiring repairs.

Switchboard upgrades and new installation

With an increased amount of electrical equipment now standard in most homes, such as microwaves, air conditioners, numerous large flat screen TVs, and computers, many older switchboards are not designed to with stand so much power being used at once. Your switchboard may not be capable of supplying sufficient power safely. If you are experiencing unreliable power with intermittent breaks in power supply your switchboard may be overloaded which poses a safety threat and potential fire hazard. We can assess your needs and carry out and upgrades to ensure your switchboard is capable of supplying sufficient power and eliminate potential fire hazards.


JNS Electrical can perform any rewiring work to bring your home up to a reliable and safe working standard, reducing the risk of fire and electrocution.

Surge protection

Advice and installation of surge protection solutions to protect your electrical appliances from the risk of damage or destruction from energy spikes.

New power points

Enjoy electricity where you want it in your home - we can install power points at any suitable location throughout your home, garage or garden.

Electrical safety inspections

If you're buying or selling a home or want to know your current power supply and wiring is safe and code compliant, JNS can perform a professional safety inspection and make any recommendations or repairs and upgrades to ensure your home is able to work safely at maximum capacity.

Property management

We can assist with all your property management electrical needs on an regular and ongoing basis including regular maintenance checks.

Indoor lighting solutions

We can advise on latest indoor lighting solutions from sensor lighting to dimmer switches to create the right mood for any occasion and safely and expertly install for trouble free functioning.

Outdoor and landscaping lighting

For expert installation of all your outdoor and landscaping lighting solutions from lighting your garden path, floodlighting of buildings, to lighting on your back patio and in and around your spa or pool.

Appliance installations

Placement and installation of all electrical appliances inside and outside your home, from ovens to heaters to ceiling fans anywhere throughout your home.

Energy wise solutions

Are you a pool owner? We can help you take advantage of the Energex rebates and save up to 40% of the electrical costs of running your pool.

Circuit breaker upgrades

If you have an older style fuse box we can advise and install a modern circuit breaker for your home. Rather than having to keep fuse wire on hand and then having to change the fuse wire in the case of a power-out, with a circuit breaker, you now just simply have to flick a switch to return the power to your home.

Ceiling fan installations

On their own or combined with an air conditioning system, ceiling fans are an effective and economical way to cool and move cooled air around your home or business. We can supply and install all ceiling fans as well as update older fans with modern controls including multi-speed switches for greater control.

Exhaust & bathroom fan installations

For those areas in the home that can get a build up of steam and moisture that may lead to mould and unwelcome odours, such as bathrooms, kitchens and the laundry, we can professionally install and correctly position exhaust fans for maximum benefit.

Ventilation fan installations

We can perform all installations for your home or business ventilation fan needs.

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  • Emergency electrical repairs
  • Switchboard upgrades and new installation
  • Rewiring
  • Surge protection
  • New power points
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Property management
  • Indoor lighting solutions
  • Outdoor and landscaping lighting
  • Appliance installations
  • Energy wise solutions
  • Circuit breaker upgrades
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Exhaust & bathroom fan installations
  • Ventilation fan installations